Prague, Czech Republic

I missed my bus to Prague.

I thought I set an alarm, since my bus left early the next morning. Apparently not. I woke up about a half hour after my bus was scheduled to leave. Fortunately, I knew that there was more than one daily bus to Prague from Copenhagen, so I was able to get another bus a few hours later.

I got to Prague around 11pm. Trying to get to my hostel turned out to be a larger ordeal than I thought it would. My phone didn’t save the location of the hostel like it should have, so I had to go off of knowing that it was close to a specific plaza. The streets of Prague are pretty windy and confusing, which didn’t help. I also hadn’t had anything decent to eat all day, but it was so late that I didn’t expect anything to be open. Fortunately, I found a pizza place that was open, which might have made it the best pizza I’ve ever had.

Prague was a lot more touristy than all of the places I’ve been to so far. There were people everywhere and every street seemed to have a souvenir shop. Crystal was the big thing in Prague, as well as marionette puppets and Russian stacking dolls. I ended up getting a stacking doll because I think it’s funny that Prague sells tourists an item that is Russian because the tourists think it’s Czech. So I guess it’s an ironic Russian stacking doll.

There were also several large shopping malls and strips. At one of the outdoor strips, there was a pay toilet. It had this warning.IMG_6071 I was wondering how they enforce the only 15 minutes rule. Does the door swing open when your time is up? Or perhaps the toilet shocks you.

Without the Thanksgiving buffer, it’s already Christmas season in Europe. IMG_6099I actually saw Christmas decorations before (you can see some in my photo of Selfie Square in Amsterdam) but this was the first, big amount.

I’ve been trying to think if I can tell a major difference between the cities I’ve been to so far and I don’t know if I can. Except for Frankfurt and Munich, which are more modern because they were heavily bombed in WWII, all the cities, especially the oldest parts of the cities, seem to have this style look. IMG_5917I wish all the people weren’t in this photo, at least the two right in front, but perhaps it’s symbolic of how I thought Prague was more touristy and busy. Maybe Prague was more medieval or ornate than the other cities, like this building. IMG_6061I didn’t actually notice what appears to be a knight slaying a dragon in the center until looking at it on my computer. And it also has the coat of arms going all the way around near the top, which seems unique.

Prague has a castle on one of its hills that overlooks the whole city. Except it wasn’t really one single large building, like Neuschwanstein, but a fortress area surrounded by walls. Here’s a cathedral within the walls.IMG_5981

Some of the beggars in Prague did something I hadn’t seen before. They lie there, prostrate, with their hands or cup stretched out. They stay like that the whole time, until someone gives them money, in which they usually look up to thank them. In this photo, I was trying to do something with the stairs that didn’t turn out to be as cool as I thought, but it happens to show one of them.IMG_6031 I gave this man some of the extra change I had at the time, and he began thanking me in several languages. After I said he was welcome, he asked, “Italia?” When I told him I spoke English, he began telling me in broken English that he was going to use the money food and not alcohol.

Perhaps it makes me a hypocrite with my previous comments about Instagram but look at this thingy. IMG_5931It’s a cinnamon, sugar, almond spiral. I thought it was pretty good. There were several vendors on the street that would sell these.

My roomies this trip were Ashley and Ben, a couple from Australia spending their summer break backpacking. The day I walked around, they went to a temple made of human bones. James from Copenhagen showed me pictures of it a couple of days before. I can’t believe that it exists, it sounds very macabre.

Someone who passed me in a car honked and waved, so apparently I look like some Czech guy.

I also got told to empty one of my pockets by a guy in a store, apparently because my (albeit full) pockets looked suspicious. I decided not to buy something from a place that accused me of stealing.

Prague has a very delicious Cocoa Puffs clone.

Misc. Photos:IMG_6050IMG_6027